Heathfield IT Rolls Out Windows 8

11th July 2013

Windows 8 tablet computer

We have started to roll out new computers featuring Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 (and soon, Windows 8.1). This fabulous OS features a touch interface, which goes hand in hand with the Dell Latitude 10 tablets we are issuing to senior members of staff, and the new all-in-one Lenovo M72z computers being deployed to replace our aging machines in C1 and the Library. We think that touch contributes to a seamless computing experience and, ultimately, faster productivity as well as lending itself to highly artistic creations. Built-in webcams will also enhance girls’ experience when using Skype during allowed hours to call home.

Training in the use of touch gestures will be provided, as well as plenty of helpsheets and posters to speedily learn how best to use Windows 8. We fully expect the girls to take to it like a duck to water and will be asking them for their opinions after a period of settling in.

Mr M Taylor
Director of IT

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