MORE than four in ten of GCSE exams taken at top girls’ school Heathfield in Ascot were awarded the highest A*-A grades while 97% of girls achieved at least five A*-C passes.

Over a third of girls sitting GCSEs at the leading independent Berkshire school also achieved at least 2 A* grades in their impressive tally of passes with a quarter of candidates scoring at least six A*-A passes.

Outstanding individual performances include one pupil – Daisy Denehy from London – who scored four A* grades and five A grades, another – Diana Chinalieva from Moscow – with 3 A*s and 5 As and two others, Emily Reid from Gloucestershire and Sophie Akehurst from Lambourn, achieving two A* grades and seven A grades each.

Three girls also achieved full marks in one of their GCSE exams – Daisy Denehy in Religious Studies, Mimi Beckwith-Moore, from London, in Art and Billie Worrall Thompson, from Oxfordshire, in Art.

One in four girls sat Chemistry, Physics and Biology as separate sciences at Heathfield continue to flourish. They achieved impressive results: 86% A*-A grades in Biology, 100% A-B grades in Chemistry  and 86% A-B in Physics while 75% of the school’s GCSE candidates also passed Science as a Single Award and Science as an Additional Subject. Meanwhile, two-thirds of the girls passed Mathematics with A*-B grades.

In modern foreign languages, seven in ten girls also took French GCSE with 75% scoring A*-B grades. Other girls sat Russian (100% at A*) and Spanish where eight in ten achieved A-B grades.

Other top-performing subjects include Religious Studies (79% A*-A), History (93% A*-B), English Literature (83% A*-B), Geography (78% A*-B) and Latin (100% A-B),

Head of Heathfield School, Mrs Jo Heywood, said: ‘This is another record year for the school at GCSE level with impressive group success and some outstanding individual performances.

‘Pupils and staff are to be congratulated on such impressive results for the school.’

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