Heart-Shaped Cushion Making for Breast Cancer patients

As a member of Austen House, it has been my turn this weekend to organise one of the activities for the students.  I thought I would do something different and, with the approval of Madame Lankshear, we decided to get Form II girls involved in a local initiative, supporting a charity that collects and donates heart-shaped pillows to women who are going through treatment for breast cancer.  The cushions are made to a specific shape which fits under the arm and helps the recovery after a mastectomy. Please read the following article to find more out about the project: Heid’s help for Berkshire mastectomy patients

It seemed a worthwhile cause and a way of working together as a team whilst using textile techniques. We turned it into a bit of a working party with popcorn, chocolate cookies and music while cutting and stitching away. I thought if we could put maybe ten pillows together that would be a great achievement. Well, I had not considered what the II Form girls could do… not only did we have a great time, but they managed to work so well together that in just under two hours we made twelve cushions!  They looked fabulous and the girls even managed to add handmade cards to accompany each cushion and wish the patients who will receive them a quick recovery.
Hopefully they will bring a little smile and some comfort to all those ladies. Well done Form II!
Mrs A Rutilli
Teacher of Art
Form II Heart Pillows Austen Weekend Website

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