Lacrosse Coaching with Lois Richardson

Heathfield lacrosse players were extremely fortunate to welcome Lois Richardson for a day’s coaching. Lois is an England International Player & Captain for over 20 years, playing in five World Cups and coaching in four.

The day was split into three sessions with the first being made up of Forms I and II, the second Form III and the final session Form IV. The girls had a great day, and it was super to see Lois’s enthusiasm rub off on all the girls. The coaching certainly gave them plenty to think about for the rest of the season.
“It was a great opportunity to be able to have a lesson with Lois. She taught us the main skills that we would be able to use in defensive and attacking areas. Everyone had a go at playing in defence so that they understood how the opposition moves and would be comfortable playing any position. We also worked on our communication which is a major part of team work. We all did well at this but needed to remember to be loud and clear. We were also reminded of the importance of supporting and backing up your team. And Lois gave us a good tip – warm up in the direction you are going to play”. Katy, Form IV Student
Ms W Reynolds
Director of Sport

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