‘The Malaria Puzzle’

We were delighted to welcome back Dr Samuel Assefa on 7th November, to talk about his work as part of the malaria research team at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Malaria is responsible for an estimated one million deaths a year (80% of which are children under the age of five years old) and, as yet there is no vaccine, whilst resistance against available drugs is widespread. Dr Assefa’s presentation was highly informative and the visual effects, vividly showing how the parasite invades our blood cells and the ensuing result, was extremely effective. The girls were intrigued to hear about Samuel’s genomic research and asked a great deal of insightful questions. It was heart-rending to learn that during the course of the talk another child would have died from the disease. This reinforces how vital and urgent the need for global control and elimination of malaria and the invaluable contribution made by researchers, such Dr Samuel Assefa, in trying to solve the malaria puzzle.

Mrs K Bramley
School Librarian


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