Young Writers’ national writing competition – Once Upon a Time

Girls in Form II recently entered the Young Writers’ national writing competition. The girls were asked to write a mini saga on a variety of themes.

At the beginning of term Mrs Heywood was informed that work written by Poppy, Amber, Constance, Clemmie, Hermione, Floria, Summer, Flavia, Boots, Sophia and Tansy had all been chosen to be published in Once Upon A Time – Berkshire which is due out on 31 March 2015. Congratulations to all the girls who submitted a mini saga, especially those whose work has been selected to be published.

Ski Racing

Emily R (UVI Form), Emily S (UVI Form) and Catharine (Form III) took part in the British School Girls’ Ski Racing. The girls performed solidly and achieved impressive times. Despite a fall from Catharine during her last slalom race, she rapidly got up and continued the race to be placed third, having only lost a few seconds. Catharine won silver in the U14 Giant Slalom and Silver in the U14 Combined Slalom. She was also awarded the Kandahar Prize for Racing Potential which gives her one week’s training at the Kandahar Race Camp in Austria. Both Emilys skied incredibly well and supported each other admirably throughout. Congratulations to all.

Homeless Shelter

Gabi, Sam, Isobel and I went to the supermarket to buy food for the homeless shelter which we were then going to make into sandwiches and pack into paper bags to give to the guests when we arrived.

In order to be able to afford the food for the shelter, we decided a good way to raise money would be to have a cake sale. After the weekend, everybody who went home either made or bought cakes that were then sold at the cake sale on Monday morning. Overall, £96 was made, mainly from the cakes themselves, but also from generous donations from students and staff which also helped to bring up the amount of money we then had to spend on food. After school on Wednesday, Mrs de Ferrer drove us to a local supermarket where we went shopping and bought enough products which we then went on to make into packed meals which included:

Two sandwiches (ham and cheese)
A mini roll/cake
Carton of juice
Two pieces of fruit (apple, banana or orange)

We then drove back to school and unpacked everything, and then Jemima, Georgie, Cece and I made sandwiches. We made sure each of the 25 bags had all of the products above included in them and we each had our own jobs and responsibilities in the process of completion. Later on, we drove to the homeless shelter and had time beforehand to meet the people who were helping out at the shelter and we had time to lay out the food bags and organise where they were going to go.

A few minutes later the guests arrived and put down all of their bags and mats which they were going to sleep on later that day. They introduced themselves and shook our hands and were very polite. We then went on to play card and board games with them and Jemima and I managed to learn a new Polish card game which was a bit confusing but we finally managed to get to grips with it! Cece and Georgie played a board game and we also talked to the guests and they happily told us about how they had become homeless and about their families.

Overall, it was a really good experience and we were not willing to leave at the end of it as we all wanted to stay for longer as it went so quickly – or even go back another time. We all found it really interesting, especially learning about other people and their stories, realising that they were very welcoming and friendly people who all seemed to start off with usual lives just like everybody else. I am very grateful for the opportunity to go and would be very happy to help out again.

Anoushka, Form IV pupil