De Valois Weekend, 7th and 8th February 2015

The weekend afternoon activities started off with LVI Form De Valois students making pizzas in the Cookery Room with Forms I – III whilst Form V decorated the Assembly Hall in preparation for the evening’s formal dinner with Harrow.That evening the Lower School had a DVD night and Forms IV and LVI headed out for a night at the cinema. At 7pm the Fifth Form emerged from their rooms looking simply stunning, to the amazement of the Lower School girls who looked at them with envy. Their guests from Harrow arrived around 7.30pm looking suitably well dressed. The evening started with a three course meal, consisting of a tomato and mozzarella salad to start, chicken risotto as main and ‘Harrow’ mess for dessert. Following this they all took to the dance floor before the boys’ departure at 10pm. A great evening was had by all and a huge thanks go to Catering Manager Lee and his team for the delicious meal.

On Sunday Forms I and II went to Gravity Force to put their gymnastic talents to good use on the trampolines. Form III went Snow Tubing, which involved dragging a large ring up a dry ski slope before flying down a large slope in fits of giggles. Form IV spent the day fine-tuning their skills in preparation for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition. To finish, the water walkers were in action at the pool which was enjoyed by everyone there.

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