Form II Trip to Cheddar Gorge

Form II went on an exciting trip to Cheddar Gorge, accompanied by Ms Fagan (our Science teacher) and Mrs Worrall (our Geography teacher). Our trip into Gough’s Caves was very interesting and everyone was eager to learn as much as possible about the caves. We had a lovely guide who kindly answered all of our questions and helped us learn even more about stalactites and stalagmites. To be in a cave that had been discovered almost 200 years ago and learning about ‘Cheddar Man’ who lived 9,100 years ago was fascinating. The trip around the cave took about 40 minutes and we learnt about the history and geography of the caves in Cheddar. We even saw some cheese in the caves as it is the perfect place to mature the cheeses because of its constant temperature and humidity.

Our second activity was a climb up the 247 steps of Jacob’s Ladder to the top of one side of the Gorge. It was a long and tiring trek making it a perfect place to sit down at the top and sketch the surrounding landscape ready for our geography lesson back at school. We also climbed up the extra steps to the Look Out tower where we had a great view of Cheddar from a distance.

A visit to Cox’s Cave was very spooky as it was covered in skeletons and lights making us jump and scream at the sight of anything unexpected!

After all of this we visited the ‘Cheddar Sweet Kitchen’ where we had a demonstration from the owner who showed us how to make lemon sherbets  which tasted delicious. Then we had ten minutes to buy delicious sweets and yummy fudge from the shop.

It was nearing time to go back to school so we had half an hour to look around the little shops in Cheddar and many of us decided that we had to go to the Cheese shop as no one should leave Cheddar Gorge without trying the delicious Cheddar cheese.

After a really enjoyable day we got into the mini buses and set off back to school. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and learnt so much in Cheddar as well as having a fun day out.

Hermione, Form II Pupil

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